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Auconet’s technology and its ease of integration allow partners to elevate the value they offer to their enterprise customers. Auconet BICS and Auconet ESF enable you to focus on delivering maximum business value to your customers and help generate new strategic engagements.

Auconet Enterprise Security Foundation (ESF)

100% Discovery, Visibility, and Control of IT Networks

Auconet Enterprise Security Foundation (ESF)

By offering Enterprise Security Foundation (ESF), and opening its APIs, Auconet enables partners to expand and improve their own solutions with 100% discovery and visibility of their customers’ IT networks. This allows providers of security solutions, such as automatic threat detection (ATD), vulnerability management (VM), SIEM, and next-generation firewalls to leverage data on 100% of the devices, ports, and endpoints throughout their customers’ networks. The larger and more heterogeneous the customer’s IT infrastructure, the more critical it becomes to discover and control these assets in real time.

Auconet ESF includes the core capability to discover, without agents – and control – in real time:

  • All types and brands of networked devices and endpoints, wired or wireless, IT and SCADA
  • All links and connections between them
  • All ports

Learn how your solution can easily integrate with Auconet ESF to enhance the value you deliver to your customers. Write an e-mail to or use our contact form.

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“Siemens has incorporated Auconet technology, which enables us to develop and deliver a new family of transformative solutions to our customers.”

Matthias Seifert, Siemens – Group Manager for Platform Products in Railway Operations

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Using BICS to enhance solution portfolios, Auconet partners are able to deliver robust security, network control, system management, and/or complete business infrastructure control. The openness of Auconet BICS allows for easy integration with solutions that require robust infrastructure discovery and management. Partnering with Auconet opens the door to development of ground-breaking new products.

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