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If it is part of a network or IT process, Auconet BICS – the Business Infrastructure Control Solution – runs it more efficiently and reliably. IT operations and IT services management, systems management, and network access control for the largest global or multi-tenant networks.

“Nobody else comes close to what Auconet provides … elegant control.”

Saint Martin’s University – Higher Education with complex NAC/BYOD challenges

Designed for Global 1000-Grade IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Auconet BICS is a multi-tenant, cloud or on-premises platform that quickly and seamlessly enables enterprises with real-time visibility, persistent monitoring, and automated, optimized control across all network device vendors’ solutions – past, present and future – and connected (wireless or wired) endpoints.

BICS scales to manage hundreds of thousands of network elements from a single, central console. BICS is available as a cloud-based ITOM solution, an on-premises appliance, virtual on-premises solution, or a multi-tenant implementation.

“Auconet BICS is an essential technology component for providing the security of the railway control & information network.”

Matthias Seifert, Siemens – Group Manger for Platform Products in Railway Operations

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Auconet BICS for Business

Quantify, Communicate, and Elevate the Value of IT

IT infrastructure must be managed both technically and from a business point of view. IT is an ever-more critical part of overall corporate performance management. Auconet BICS for Business lets you measure, communicate, and increase the contribution of IT.

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Auconet BICS for Infrastructure

Simplify and Improve Your IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure is not only complex; it is increasingly diverse, and always changing. Industry reports show 10% to 20% of network endpoints commonly go undetected by IT. This is an unacceptable risk for any enterprise for both security and operational integrity. New devices and competing hardware vendors use different command sets for monitoring and managing their devices – adding complexity for system administrators and the operation of the network. Auconet BICS brings a new, streamlined approach for IT to master these challenges and simplify IT operations.

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Auconet BICS for Data Centers

Improve Visibility, Maximize Reliability, Cut Energy Use & Reduce TCO

Auconet BICS for Data Centers enables central and simplified operation of both internal and multi-tenant data centers, using the same BICS capabilities that are proven on the largest enterprise IT infrastructures. BICS provides operators with 100% discovery and visibility, task automation, heightened security, and a common set of instructions for all devices, combining to substantially reduce TCO. In addition, BICS enables virtually unlimited scalability and freedom of choice with hardware-vendor independence.

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Auconet BICS for Systems

Efficiency through Automation

Auconet BICS for Systems provides comprehensive control of heterogeneous environments, including servers, desktops, ATM/kiosks, POS/retails, and mobile devices. Discover, monitor, manage and control all system components from one central screen. BICS dramatically reduces workload with a reliable process for software management, proven at the world’s largest enterprises.

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Auconet BICS for Services

Automation & Visibility to Support IT Services

Auconet BICS for Services radically simplifies IT service and support, combining centralized- and automated-infrastructure management with a superior graphical-user interface, and normalized-command sets for heterogeneous devices, to substantially improve productivity and efficiency. BICS enables IT Service groups to provide a higher-quality level of support, at a lower TCO. BICS empowers service-desk operators with 100% visibility and control, and enables them to resolve critical (and noncritical) incidents, in a dramatically reduced timeframe, and ensures SLA fulfillment.

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Auconet BICS for Security

Secure Massive, Heterogeneous IT & SCADA Infrastructures

Industry experts and surveys show that 10-20% of endpoints on enterprise networks are unknown and unmanaged. This is an unfathomable security risk – one that global businesses rely on Auconet to solve immediately. Auconet BICS for Security literally plugs in, then, within hours, delivers both physical and logical protection for every device and port on your IT and SCADA networks. The key is rapid, real-time, persistent discovery, and secure access control for 100% of endpoints in massive networks. As the only security platform that recognizes and enforces both MAC Layer-2-based authentication and IEEE 802.1X, in combination or separately, BICS is the most powerful complement to existing SIEM (security information and event management), firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions – especially on heterogeneous networks. BICS has been recognized by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control (NAC), consecutively, from 2011 through 2014.

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“With Auconet, our network is future-proofed.”

BASF – World’s largest chemical company

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