Auconet BICS, the next-generation ITOM platform

Elevate your IT and OT infrastructure

Built on the latest technology and decades of experience, Auconet BICS solves the real-world challenges of large enterprises. Trusted by Global 1000 leaders in multiple industries, BICS is based on these core design principles:

“Only Auconet was able to find every endpoint.”

Deutsche Bahn – World’s 2nd largest transport & logistics company


One platform for ITOM and security

If it is part of your network or IT / OT processes, Auconet BICS runs it more efficiently and reliably. BICS delivers IT operations management, systems management, network access control, and service management for the largest global networks. BICS lets you see every device and asset on single and multi-tenant networks, then shields you from complexities and different command sets, as vendor lock-in and integration issues are eliminated. Available in cloud, virtual, or plug-and-run on-premises mode.

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Relied on every day by industry leaders

Auconet is dedicated to completely and permanently solving today’s and future ITOM and security challenges through 100% visibility and comprehensive control of the company’s IT infrastructure. Guided by the principles of vendor openness and unlimited scalability, Auconet products are able to control all devices that could appear in the Internet of Everything. Auconet BICS is trusted by global leaders to future-proof their networks.

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Power up your ITOM and security solution portfolios

If your existing solutions could benefit from 100% device discovery, real-time monitoring, full multi-tenant capability, rich current data on every device, and a high degree of automation, Auconet offers an easy-to-integrate foundation you can work with today. Auconet partners can quickly put the BICS technology to work, allowing their own solutions to leapfrog over competitors and development obstacles.

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