Full Control of All Network Devices

Monitor, Configure, and Control at a Granular Level

Transform IT Infrastructure Management

Investigate the capabilities of most ITOM and security solutions, and you find gaps in visibility and control of network infrastructure. Enterprise IT groups are forced to cobble together additional tools to monitor endpoints, such as those situated behind a particular brand of router. Skilled operators are needed to implement specific tasks for many devices that have unique command sets. Auconet rewrites that scenario with seamless administration from one central console, cracking vendor lock-in and lowering TCO.

All Devices Should Mean ALL Devices

Auconet BICS was built, and is continually updated, to provide:

  • Discovery of all routers, switches, and endpoints – including non-traditional endpoints such as ATMs, ticket machines, POS systems, sensors, and data center facilities
  • Understanding of the native command set of all these devices
  • The ability to issue instructions to all these devices, regardless of brand, model, and whether it is vintage legacy or newly installed or updated

The impact on TCO is not just in reducing headcount and training efforts needed to monitor and manage large, complex networks. BICS also allows IT to retain older equipment in good working order in the network, stretching hardware lifecycles and reducing TCO.

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