Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

Manage Mixed Networks and Choose the Supplier You Want for Lower TCO

Leverage Any Hardware Make, Model, or Version

Auconet BICS, unlike some infrastructure management solutions, was designed to shatter vendor lock-in and support absolute hardware independence. Maintain the freedom to negotiate with all vendors. Manage mixed networks. Control all types of devices and endpoints using a common set of commands and workflows. Keep the TCO of network monitoring and management where it belongs.

Lower Your TCO with Unrestricted Choice

Upon installation, BICS immediately provides the ability to:

  • Communicate with and control any brand, class, or configuration of all network devices and endpoints
  • Increase operator productivity, enabling them to use unified commands from a central console, while BICS handles the translation to each type of hardware asset
  • Seamlessly bridge legacy and new infrastructure, including Internet of Everything endpoints

BICS future-proofs your network. Its capabilities also work across legacy infrastructure to prolong its useful lifecycle and reduce costs.

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