100% Network Visibility

See All Infrastructure on One Screen

Discover All Devices & Endpoints in Real Time

Implement BICS in a day. Start the rapid network discovery of every device and endpoint – even non-traditional ones including ATM machines, POS terminals, pumps, cameras, and sensors. Auconet BICS provides real-time network visibility and a detailed view of your full IT infrastructure, regardless of hardware brand.

View Your Entire Infrastructure from a Single Console

100% Network Visibility for Maximum Control

Auconet BICS delivers the most complete and detailed view of your enterprise network, even if you have millions of endpoints. This improves productivity of IT staff and enhances your network control ability, while it supports effective endpoint protection. BICS:

  • Discovers every device and endpoint in real time for full network visibility
  • Provides real-time, detailed data on routers, switches, and endpoints
  • Allows unrestricted visual exploration of the entire network

Your network operators can drill down and across the IT infrastructure, as well as look into racks, routers, and switches to see exact physical configurations. Ports and uplinks are also fully visible.

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