Industrial Infrastructure Control

100% Detection & Management of SCADA-Controlled Devices

View, Control, & Automate Your Industrial Infrastructure

Auconet BICS starts by detecting all industrial devices, and builds a complete 3D view of your SCADA infrastructure. It continues with persistent collection and correlation of rich data on devices and instruments. With BICS, you have simple, centralized control of your industrial network and automation of many previously manual tasks.

Raise the Productivity of Operations Staff

Auconet BICS controls industrial infrastructure – PLCs, pumps, switches, sensors, door locks, environmental controls – just as easily as it handles IT networks. BICS unifies the commands for managing equipment, which improves the productivity of your operational staff. BICS provides comprehensive security and endpoint protection across your production or manufacturing environment.

The BICS platform:

  • Detects and displays every device and endpoint in real time
  • Immediately blocks unauthorized access
  • Provides real-time, detailed data on all connected equipment
  • Automates key functions, such as self-healing maintenance

Use Auconet BICS to control industrial devices and IT networks together on one screen, or from separate consoles, or even as distinct tenants in a multi-tenant implementation. Operators find no difference between how BICS manages these different types of networks. In both cases, BICS shelters operators from the many differences between device makes and models. BICS enables automation across diverse endpoints in both IT and SCADA domains.

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