Instant, Solid Network Security

Allow Access by Policy, Device, and/or User

See it all. Protect it all.

Auconet brings unmatched strength to network security. The starting point: BICS detects every endpoint, a capability which our Global 1000 customers list as a top selection criterion. Moreover, Auconet’s approach to security is real-time and multi-faceted – reasons for which Gartner has recognized Auconet during four consecutive years in its Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control (NAC).

Real Network Security Requires 100% Infrastructure Control

Auconet delivers no-gap NAC:

  • Securing 100% of network devices – routers, switches, and all their ports
  • Covering the entire set of endpoints – PCs, laptops, mobile devices, printers, vending machines, sensors, cameras, vehicles, industrial devices, facilities and anything else you want to connect
  • Extending to both wireless and wired devices
  • Using MAC-based, IEEE 802.1X or both, including automated policies in real time

One Central Point of Control

With Auconet’s unique navigable view of the network, operators can find and resolve security issues quickly and effectively. In addition, all security functions work in multi-tenant mode. To illustrate this, one service provider delivers network access control to hundreds of subscribing banking networks. While each bank group sees its own network, the service provider oversees them all, achieving compliance with security mandates.

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