ITOM Cloud & SaaS-able

Choose On-Premises, Virtual, or Multi-Tenant

Fit Your Environment & ITOM Strategy

Auconet BICS is available in whichever mode works best with your IT strategy. Select on-premises or virtual appliance, or set it up as cloud, SaaS, with or without a multi-tenant implementation. Multi-tenant BICS gives large organizations and outsourced service providers the option to oversee networks of subsidiaries, franchisees, customers, or acquired companies from a central console, while they continue to operate as distinct, separate networks.

A Flexible Architecture to Match Your Business Demands

Industry leaders select Auconet BICS for:

  • Flexibility to fit your business structure, strategy and environment
  • Enabling digital business, balanced with security and endpoint protection
  • Integration with third-party software solutions and even competing CMDB platforms

How Customers Take Advantage of Auconet Flexibility

Deutsche Bahn, the world’s 2nd largest transport and logistics company, elected a nearly instant BICS solution with plug-and-go on-premises, physical appliances to oversee and account for 350,000 ports.

A major service provider to hundreds of banking groups chose Auconet in a multi-tenant implementation to offer them mandated network security, with each bank’s data segmented and protected.

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