Unlimited Scalability

Control Millions of Network Devices & Endpoints

Centrally Manage Networks of Any Size

Auconet BICS’ scalable network infrastructure management is based on a robust architecture that easily scales for superb TCO as your business expands. Auconet is trusted by Global 200 companies to manage and secure networks with hundreds of thousands of geographically dispersed ports and endpoints.

Internet of Everything-Ready

By whatever name you give it, your digital business will grow significantly over the next five years. The Internet of Everything (IoE) brings new business opportunities, but also the requirement to communicate with new types of endpoints, possibly in great numbers. Auconet BICS meets that challenge and future-proofs your network and systems management.
Auconet customers use BICS to discover, monitor and control:

  • 300,000+ endpoints on a single network
  • A half-million ports on hundreds of banking networks in a multi-tenant implementation
  • Hundreds of thousands of traditional and non-traditional endpoints including railway ticket machines, POS, ATMs, and industrial devices
  • Thousands of servers at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, automating application deployment, patching and configuration

Scalability on the Auconet platform combines speed, economy of scale, and technical reliability to give you a robust platform for today and the future.

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