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Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Major public utility providing fresh, safe water for 3.9 million people

53 billion gallons/year • 5,000 miles of fresh water pipes • 4,500 employees • 306 locations (21 water control systems)

This public utility, serving 3.9 million people, came to Auconet primarily for a security solution for its IT network. Auconet BICS delivered this, plus security, control and management of its physical infrastructure, including industrial devices via SCADA gateways. This centralized control enabled significant automation of system recovery processes, including self-healing restart, that helped to cut service calls 90%. Auconet automation and central management enabled the utility to dramatically reduce its staff while improving system controls. In addition, Auconet fulfilled the original mandate to detect, authorize, and secure every endpoint on the IT network.

This [Auconet] infrastructure control boosts our security, cuts our service costs, and gets our machinery back online faster, in many cases without operator intervention.

Michael Böttcher, IT Security Engineer, Water Supply Control System

Berliner Wasserbetriebe trusts Auconet for: Infrastructure control, automation of maintenance, MAC Layer-2 security, and IEEE 802.1X security for SCADA systems.

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