The Rewards of Lightning-Fast, Total Network Discovery

Managing 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports at Deutsche Bahn

The world’s 2nd-largest transportation and logistics company needed to centrally secure, control, and manage its 350,000 network ports across a dozen countries. Deutsche Bahn, with over 2 billion passengers annually, requires tight control over its network and cost accounting. Now, with Auconet BICS, Deutsche Bahn also benefits from persistent network monitoring, control over all ports, and single-console management of its entire network.

Within hours, Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) discovered not only the 350,000 ports Deutsche Bahn knew of, but also 20,000 previously undetected endpoints. This enabled accurate cost allocations for DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn’s internal IT service provider.

Challenge: Discover, manage, and account for a vast, complex network

Deutsche Bahn is a Global 200 enterprise with a complex, dynamic IT infrastructure. Its more than 15,000 switches and routers represent a mix of device vendors including Cisco, Juniper, and Enterasys. Relying on CA Spectrum, Deutsche Bahn was unable to meet security and audit requirements to detect every endpoint.

DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn’s internal IT service provider, also needed the ability to see, manage, and control its entire network from one console, and accurately account for each device and endpoint for intra-company IT services billings.

Solution: The ONLY option for complex, heterogeneous infrastructures

Most IT operations management (ITOM) solutions for network security and control could only manage the products of one specific vendor. Auconet stood out with its ability to detect, monitor, and manage every router, switch, and endpoint from every manufacturer. Only Auconet could provide real-time visibility of all endpoints and uplinks, and integrate smoothly with the CA Spectrum management console.

Implementation: Under 4 hours
Discovery: Complete in less than 2 days

It took less than four hours to enter network parameters into the nearly plug-and-play Auconet appliances and have them fully operational – for all seven instances that DB Systel licensed. The same day, Auconet BICS delivered unexpected news of several thousand unrecorded endpoints, representing more accurate intra-company cost allocations with new potential revenue to DB Systel.

In all, BICS detected 20,000 endpoints that were previously unknown to administrators, along with more than 15,000 network devices and 210,000 total endpoints. “Auconet swiftly delivers measurable results without tying up our internal resources,” said Anton Kress of DB Systel.

Outcome: A fully-visible infrastructure

Within two days, Deutsche Bahn could see its entire multivendor IT network – every router, switch, computer, smartphone, and office printer – including ticket machines in train stations. With Auconet BICS’ full integration of preexisting databases, users have access to all transactional, accounting, asset, change, and problem data. The railway giant leverages this real-time view for central control, security, auditability and improved IT operations, adding value to its global infrastructure.


In just two days, Auconet BICS centrally recognized our entire data network comprising over 350,000 ports.
Anton Kress, DB Systel/Deutsche Bahn

Benefits: Fast payback and ongoing command of the infrastructure

  • Persistent, real-time visibility of all network components and security threats posed by unauthorized devices
  • Policy-based rules for automated infrastructure control
  • 20,000 undetected endpoints discovered in first two days
  • Unauthorized devices can now be easily blocked from access to the network
  • Several million dollars of intra-company charges per year accurately allocated
  • Clearer profitability picture for Deutsche Bahn business units
  • Consolidated data eliminates manual data entry and reduces risk of errors
  • Easier, faster upgrades and configuration changes with more predictable costs

Auconet is one of those companies which solves problems permanently.
Anton Kress, DB Systel/Deutsche Bahn

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