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Auconet Announces BICS for Data Centers

Delivers Next-Generation Operations Management and Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS)

December 2, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – Auconet, the visionary leader in next-generation IT Operations Management (ITOM), today announced Auconet BICS (Business Infrastructure Control Solution) for Data Centers, which introduces its proven, ground-breaking infrastructure management solution to maximize data center control. With BICS, data centers will move from complex to easy; from scattered to centralized visualization; and from distributed, individual control to complete, comprehensive, and centralized control – providing dramatically reduced TCO.

100% Visibility and Control

Presently, data center technologies each communicate with their own unique command set, creating a “Tower of Babel” that overwhelms data center managers and prevents them from easily visualizing and managing their full infrastructure. Auconet’s ability to translate commands for all devices into one common set of instructions enables teams to visualize, monitor, control, and secure 100% of heterogeneous systems – servers, routers, switches, PCs, printers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and industrial devices, such as temperature and power control - all in real time, via one console, based on one centralized database.

Automated Infrastructure Management with BICS Virtual CMDB

BICS automatically collects, consolidates, and correlates all infrastructure data together, in one persistent Virtual CMDB (vCMDB), to understand IT data center topology and performance, regardless of size or complexity. Taking productivity to new levels with its easy, navigable visualization, BICS enables operators to pursue any incident down to its root cause, rapidly and precisely. With a view directly into any physical rack, any physical or virtual server, even the specific line cards for switches and routers, operators can immediately direct technicians to resolve incidents - including those previously difficult to detect. BICS provides a dynamic repository that always stays in sync with rapidly changing infrastructures, adding value to ITOM, security, documentation, and compliance reporting.

Provisioning and Capacity Management

BICS automated provisioning and configuration features create the ability to reconfigure and update physical and virtual data center equipment. BICS provides ongoing, real-time, capacity data: physical data, logical data, performance data, and asset utilization. Combined, this information provides a complete, accurate picture for capacity and energy management. By instantly identifying network congestion and bottlenecks, operators can easily adjust loads via manual or automatic interaction.


BICS monitors and protects one or many networks from a single console. The largest multi-tenant BICS implementations monitor, control, and secure hundreds of separate networks at once in a highly scalable, cost-efficient architecture. Each tenant - for example, a multi-branch bank - can see, manage, control and protect its network devices and endpoints in a consolidated view from one central console, while the Managed Service Provider (MSP/MSSP) has a comprehensive view of the networks of all bank branches.

Installed in Hours/Days NOT Weeks/Months

Installed in hours and up and running within days, Auconet’s BICS simplifies Data Center and NOC operations - and its capabilities combine to substantially lower TCO. Auconet BICS for Data Centers is available today and will be demonstrated at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference in Las Vegas on December 2-5.

About Auconet

Auconet provides next-generation ITOM to Global 1000 enterprises, via its comprehensive platform for the integration of all IT Operations Management areas. Auconet BICS provides centralized, data-rich, visual infrastructure and systems control for an unprecedented level of management for vast, global IT operations, covering 100% of their endpoints, devices, systems, and IoE devices of today and tomorrow. Companies including BASF, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, ING, and DHL trust Auconet. Auconet is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with EU sales, support, and research and development offices in Berlin, Germany. For more information, please visit:

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