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Auconet Secures Copenhagen’s Railway Control Network as Siemens’ Technology Partner

October 16, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – Auconet, provider of next- generation Business Infrastructure Control solutions for Global 1000-grade IT Operations Management (ITOM), today announced that it is providing network infrastructure management technology for the Copenhagen "S-Bane" commuter rail network, as part of the Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division's project for modernizing the signaling- systems network. Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Suite (BICS) delivers real-time network management and security to persistently control and monitor the complete control network for the S-Bane, with over 350,000 riders daily. BICS is an integral technology component of the 252-million-euro project, which includes the supply and installation of the fully automatic Trainguard MT-type train-control system and a new operations control center to ensure railway safety.

Siemens Rail Automation is equipping the 170 kilometers of Copenhagen's double-track S-Bane with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), an automatic, radio-based, train-control system. The modern infrastructure replaces a 50-year-old system and is being deployed, in phases, with completion expected in 2018. This new system for the Copenhagen S-Bane will substantially increase the capacity and reliability of the current rail services, making the S-Bane more attractive to commuters, thereby lowering the use of private motor vehicles. In addition, Siemens' complete system will lower the railway's CO2 impact, contributing to Copenhagen's ambitious environmental protection goal of making the city carbon neutral by 2025.

"The Copenhagen S-Bane project is the first of several railway modernization projects we plan on undertaking with the Siemens solution, supported by Auconet technology," said Matthias Seifert, Siemens' Group Manager for Platform Products in Railway Operations. "After intense research, we recognized Auconet BICS as the only real-time network management and security system able to persistently control and monitor the complete railway system network. It is an essential technology component for providing the security and safety of the railway infrastructure."

"Auconet is excited about working with Siemens on modernizing the infrastructure and safety of railway systems around the world," said Frank Winter, CEO of Auconet. "BICS was easily integrated with Siemens' Trainguard MT train-control system and helps Siemens meet the rigorous security and safety requirements for radio-based, train-control systems. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration."

About Auconet

Auconet provides next-generation ITOM to Global 1000 enterprises, via its comprehensive platform for the integration of all IT Operations Management areas. Auconet BICS provides centralized, data-rich, visual infrastructure and systems control for an unprecedented level of management for vast, global IT operations, covering 100% of their endpoints, devices, systems and IoE devices of today and tomorrow. Companies including BASF, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, ING, DHL, and UBS trust Auconet. Auconet is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with EU sales, support, and research and development offices in Berlin, Germany. For more information:

About Siemens' Mobility and Logistics Division

Located in Munich, Germany the Siemens' Mobility and Logistics Division is a leading international provider of integrated technologies that enable people and goods to be transported in an efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly manner. The areas covered include rail automation, intelligent traffic and transportation systems, and logistics solutions for airports, postal and parcel business. Through its portfolio, the Division combines innovations with comprehensive industry know-how in its products, services and IT-based solutions.

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