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BASF chooses Auconet to check its 260,000 endpoint devices for IEEE 802.1X-capability

Outperforming the competition Auconet, the San Francisco-based specialist for Business Infrastructure Control, has won a tender put out by BASF IT Services GmbH, the IT branch of BASF. The call was for a solution to pinpoint and categorize all endpoint devices of the internal BASF network. Auconet mastered all preliminary tests convincingly and will now provide a tool that can visualize an IT landscape spanning four continents and all its endpoint devices.

January 27, 2012 – San Francisco, CA and Berlin, Germany – The project "Endpoint Profiling" was triggered by the planned rollout of IEEE 802.1X-based authentication as to enhance access control and network security. In the run-up of this project the solution developed and employed by Auconet is to attain critical information about the existing endpoint devices, which will then be divided into different categories.

The network visibility thus created – which would have required tedious, painstaking work without the Auconet solution – is the indispensable prerequisite for the realization of this project. Since the capability of endpoint devices has enormous influence on the overall costs of an IEEE 802.1X roll-out.

"Endpoint profiling of more than 260,000 devices of the required quality and quantity was delivered in a technically convincing way only by Auconet. This solution creates a basis for the implementation of IEEE 802.1X. At the same time it reduces costs because it provides exact information about the connected endpoint devices in a fast and easy way," comments Rainer Ginsberg, project leader of BASF IT, on his company’s decision for Auconet.

About Auconet
Auconet is the sole provider of and the technology leader in scalable solutions capable of discovering, visualizing, securing and monitoring the complex IT infrastructure of large enterprises, working with the hard- and software of any vendor. Bringing our clients from mere management of components to real Business Infrastructure Control (BIC).

Auconet delivers comprehensive solutions featuring instant discovery of heterogeneous IT landscapes, unprecedented network transparency and enhanced internal security using MAC (Layer-2) and IEEE 802.1X based Network Access Control - creating the stable foundation for ITIL-based ITSM processes.

Thanks to the modular, multi-tenant, high performance and scalable architecture, our appliances are fully functional in networks of any size within days. Ready to provide validated, distinct and auditable CMDB / CMS data in real time. All events are being logged and can thus be retraced anytime.

Large enterprises in sectors like banking, insurance, chemicals, health care, manufacturing and transportation already profit from Auconet solutions - enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize processes and reduce costs.

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