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Deutsche Bahn: Enterprise-Wide Visibility for 350,000 Ports

Deutsche Bahn has implemented an Auconet solution and mapped every single one of its 350,000 network ports within two weeks. Now, Europe‘s largest logistics and mobility service provider possesses consolidated and validated real-time CMDB data and can sustainably optimize its processes. Deutsche Bahn‘s roll-out of this innovative solution shows foresight as it prepares for future process and security challenges.

November 27, 2011 – San Francisco, CA and Berlin, Germany – „When it comes to network visibility and security, Deutsche Bahn trusts Auconet‘s innovative solution to deliver. In only two weeks, we centrally recognized our entire data network comprising around 350,000 ports. Our Group now receives validated CMDB analyses in real time, which provides a sound foundation for further developing a competitive IT infrastructure.“ Anton Kress, project manager at DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn‘s system partner.

World‘s First Solution for Recognizing Entire Data Networks

„Deutsche Bahn‘s IT infrastructure is incredibly complex and evolves continuously. That‘s why we were looking for an integrated solution to centrally manage all our ports, which currently number 350,000. After extensive screenings, only AUCONET provided the kind of performance that was actually able to register all the network components without any technical restrictions.“ Alternative products fell short of the mark for Anton Kress, the project manager – either they were locked in to a particular vendor, or they couldn‘t entirely handle the demanding technological challenges of a heterogeneous network. Auconet‘s vendor-independent solution, however, enables state-of-the-art network management based on IEEE 802.1X, while still supporting the SNMP standard. All changes in the network are detected in real time and logged on a port-by-port basis.

„The resulting visibility forms an excellent basis for continuing to develop the DB data network,“ added Kress.

Rapid Implementation with Minimal Operational Overhead

By offering full compatibility and extensive automation, Auconet eliminates the need for expensive equipment purchases and time-consuming configuration. While implementations with a comparable scope can take three years and often run over budget, Deutsche Bahn received a solution that remained on budget and was fully operational in only 2+2 weeks.

Anton Kress said, „Auconet is one of those IT companies that solve problems permanently. We‘ve found an effective partner who swiftly delivers measurable results without tying up our internal resources. All our questions about the application were answered promptly and knowledgeably, while the after-sales service and technical support teams were first-rate.“

Consolidated and Validated CMDB Data in Real Time for Rapid Return on Investment

All of Deutsche Bahn‘s network components are recognized and located with Auconet‘s solution. Data on every resource can be retrieved centrally. The Auconet solution also enables the full integration of pre-existing databases, giving users access to all the transactional, accounting, asset, change and problem data in real time. That way, for example, they can instantly look up the historical costs and fair market values of individual devices at different locations. This consolidated, validated information lays the groundwork for informed business and organizational decision-making, eliminates manual data entry and reduces the risk that important information will be overlooked. It also greatly streamlines necessary work on the network, such as rolling out new software. Since that makes network management much more efficient, the investment pays off in very little time.

„We benefit enormously from automatically accessing validated data,“ said Kress. „Since the quality of the information is consistent,“ he added, „we can make better decisions in less time. It even enables us to accurately calculate the costs and administrative effort for each client.“

Foundation for More Sophisticated Management and Security Policies

Auconet enables the entire Deutsche Bahn network to be monitored centrally based on the fully recognized IT infrastructure. This is the base for any further security solutions. In the next step Deutsche Bahn will will be able to implemented IEEE 802.1X. This offers bullet-proof data and system security by first verifying the hardware and software components and then authenticating the user – an effective way to counter not only external threats, but also in-house vulnerabilities. Auconet‘s solution is modular and scalable, which meets another requirement for the expanding Deutsche Bahn Group.

The Project Partners

Cutting-edge IT systems and multi-industry process expertise

As Deutsche Bahn‘s system partner, DB Systel develops and operates powerful IT systems for the mobility, transportation and logistics market. DB Systel supplies highly secure, highly available IT systems that effectively support sophisticated business processes. The company‘s leading-edge technological know-how, superior project management skills and extensive industry expertise make it a reliable partner.

Maximum visibility and security in complex corporate networks

Auconet is the technology leader for virtualization systems for complex networks and a provider of comprehensive solutions for network visibility and data security. Auconet applications can be run in multivendor, multi-system environments, are implemented with extensive automation, and are fully operational in networks of all sizes within a few weeks, thanks to their modular, scalable design. Many big-name companies are already reaping the benefits of real-time availability of validated CMDB data and cutting-edge security mechanisms that can evolve and adapt to changing conditions. With offices in San Francisco and Berlin, Auconet is represented in the main markets and can support clients locally as well.

The Project at a Glance


Obtain complete network visibility as a basis for centrally managing and securing the corporate network

Project scope

  • 350,000 ports
  • Complex, heterogeneous, distributed network
  • Modular and scalable

Implementation timeframe

  • 2+2 weeks (2 weeks for implementation, 2 weeks to full functionality after the quote)
  • Largely automated
  • No additional operational overhead


  • Complete recognition of the data network
  • Consolidated, validated CMDB data in real time
  • Sound, enduring basis for future IT requirements

About Auconet

Auconet is the sole provider of and the technology leader in scalable solutions capable of discovering, visualizing, securing and monitoring the complex IT infrastructure of large enterprises, working with the hard- and software of any vendor. Bringing our clients from mere management of components to real Business Infrastructure Control (BIC).

Auconet delivers comprehensive solutions featuring instant discovery of heterogeneous IT landscapes, unprecedented network transparency and enhanced internal security using MAC (Layer-2) and IEEE 802.1X based Network Access Control - creating the stable foundation for ITIL-based ITSM processes.

Thanks to the modular, multi-tenant, high performance and scalable architecture, our appliances are fully functional in networks of any size within days. Ready to provide validated, distinct and auditable CMDB / CMS data in real time. All events are being logged and can thus be retraced anytime.

Large enterprises in sectors like banking, insurance, chemicals, health care, manufacturing and transportation already profit from Auconet solutions - enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize processes and reduce costs.

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