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New To U.S. – Auconet’s Solution Cracks Internet of Things (IoT) Puzzle and Lowers TCO

October 16, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – IoE, IoT, BYOD, SOX, HIPAA, Consumerization – all offer CIOs both opportunities and sleepless nights. Surveys and reports from media, analysts, and corporations all result in similar findings, but suggest different solutions. Concerns revolve around challenges in dealing with security, compliance, multiple IT operations management (ITOM) tools, and most disconcerting, the inability to see and manage millions of diverse endpoints coming from every direction.

Auconet, which recently moved headquarters to the U.S. from Berlin, Germany, alleviates many of these concerns. The company provides the sole, vendor-independent platform that delivers a global-enterprise solution, to enable CIOs to solve today's BYOD and IoE challenges, by providing 100% endpoint visibility and management. In fact, customers have reported a dramatic reduction in their Total Cost of Ownership, in part, by reducing the number of different ITOM tools they use, without the expense of re-architecting the entire network. Auconet BICS (Business Infrastructure Control Solution) is already in use by a number of Global 200 customers in Europe and is now realizing tremendous momentum in the U.S.

Recent queries from Auconet to IT decision makers found that 58% are dealing with 10% or more undetected endpoints, resulting in what they say is less efficient IT operations management; higher TCO; time lost; and, especially disconcerting with IoE on the way, security gaps. And, 38% said they're using 10 or more ITOM tools to manage their infrastructures.

"Auconet is making an interesting transition into the US market, and has a powerful architecture for the Internet of Everything," said Christopher Kissel, Frost and Sullivan Industry Analyst. "This solution is new to the U.S., but proven in Europe. I think it will make a difference to companies dealing with IoE."

A streamlined solution, BICS provides automated, real-time discovery and visibility, with persistent monitoring and control to manage hundreds of thousands of heterogeneous network endpoints. BICS provides control from servers to routers to PCs, to mobile devices to ATMs to POS to PLCs and SCADA systems - to all the smart technology yet to come…all from one central console and one database (CMDB). The secret lays in the sophisticated method Auconet's team uses to translate the broad variety of commands, from multiple vendors and products, into one common set of operator instructions delivered via a simple graphical user interface. In addition, because of its knowledge of 100% of the network, BICS provides complete endpoint security.

"Auconet enables complete data center-to-endpoint management with centralized and automated control," said Frank Winter, Auconet founder and CEO. "BICS was designed in partnership with our customers, from the ground up, to support the real-world needs of vast enterprises for today's and tomorrow's ITOM, IoE, and BYOD challenges."

Siemens partnered with Auconet to enhance and help improve the management of their Trainguard MT train control system, a visionary railway control system that ensures availability, security, and safety of railway networks around the world. For the first project, Siemens' MO MM (Mobility Management) group is equipping the 170 Kilometers of Copenhagen's double-track S-Bane with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). Auconet enables Siemens to manage every physical and endpoint device within the railway control system's IT network. At the same time, BICS quickly detects new endpoints entering the system and blocks unauthorized devices, allowing only approved access based on the railway's policies.

"The Copenhagen S-Bane project is the first of several railway modernization projects we plan on undertaking with the Siemens solution, supported by Auconet technology," said Matthias Seifert, Siemens Group Manger for Platform Products in Railway Operations. "After intense research, we recognized Auconet BICS as the only real-time network management and security system able to persistently control and monitor the complete railway system network. It is an essential technology component for providing the security and safety of the railway infrastructure."

About Auconet

Auconet provides next-generation ITOM to Global 1000 enterprises, via its comprehensive platform for the integration of all IT Operations Management areas. Auconet BICS provides centralized, data-rich, visual infrastructure and systems control for an unprecedented level of management for vast, global IT operations, covering 100% of their endpoints, devices, systems and IoE devices of today and tomorrow. Companies including BASF, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, ING, DHL, and UBS trust Auconet. Auconet is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with EU sales, support, and research and development offices in Berlin, Germany. For more information:

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