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Perspective from Gartner IOM: Divisions and Silos

BICS Tears Down the IT Walls

At Gartner's summit in June in Orlando, several analysts spoke about the bifurcation of enterprise IT into two distinct realms. Gartner calls this bimodal IT:

September 23, 2015 – San Francisco, CA and Orlando, FL –

  • The first mode is “keeping the lights on” and maintaining legacy and mission-critical systems.
  • The second mode is digital business transformation, with emphasis on innovation, and high adaptability to new drivers such as big data, the Internet of Things, advanced threats, and mobile consumers.

Others at the Summit discussed the troubling gap between IT security and IT operations groups, which often maintain separate – and always incomplete or out-of-date – silo databases on network assets and events.

Driven by the urgency to fulfill their primary mission, IT and security groups often duplicate efforts to discover and manage endpoints, ports, and other devices.

The silo approach is not just pervasive, costly, and inconvenient; it’s a recipe for ineffective operation and disastrous breaches. Unfortunately, it’s more than merely a recipe; it’s a known enabler of security collapses that have made headlines for the past few years.

With its ability to discover and recognize everything in the IT (and SCADA-gateway linked) infrastructure in real time, and apply policies and controls from a single pane of glass, Auconet BICS acts as a bridge between security and ITOM.

Providing the visibility and control that both groups need – far more effectively than either group can do on its own – blows away the need for siloed inventories. Furthermore, to be completely blunt, if political considerations mean that an IT asset database used by the security or IT operations side cannot go away, Auconet’s virtual CMDB will update that repository in real time, ensuring it is – for the first time – complete and up to date and in-synch with other company databases.

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