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University Takes Control of Its Network Security

Baselinemag, Featured Article

Saint Martin's University, a private liberal arts school, takes a focused approach to network control and security, making the IT department more productive.

November 5, 2014 – In a world where computer viruses constantly mutate and malware is far more nefarious and dangerous than ever, Saint Martin's University recognized a need to take a more sophisticated approach to network security. "Instead of relying on NACs (network access controls) that have traditionally focused on blocking viruses from infecting computers and keeping the devices safe on the network, we opted to take a different approach," Neal Bullinger, systems administrator for the university, explains. "We are now focusing on who is on the network and what they are able to do there."

The university turned to a network management and security solution called BICS (Business Infrastructure Control Solution) from Auconet. It enables the school to manage the network and detect devices across routers, switches and endpoints, while providing network administrators a view of the entire infrastructure in real time.


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