Internet of Everything

Span Legacy & Future Infrastructure

Discover, Authorize, and Control Non-Traditional Endpoints

The Internet of Everything is already here for many, and your enterprise must proactively engage or be left behind. Auconet BICS lets you connect to new endpoints from sensors and robots to vehicles and HVAC units – yet maintain control of this expanded IT infrastructure.

Bridge Today’s IT to the Internet of Everything

Implement Auconet BICS, and you’ll be ready – already – to take advantage of new business opportunities and services. Regardless of your IoE strategy, you’ll keep pace without stress, because Auconet BICS will:

  • Discover IoE endpoints in real time
  • Communicate with all categories of devices using a unified set of commands
  • Monitor, diagnose, and control the entire range of your enterprise’s inventory

BICS is the only future-proof platform that accommodates your Internet of Everything strategy, current operations, and services. It bridges to your legacy infrastructure, prolonging its lifecycle and reducing costs.

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