Auconet BICS for Business

Quantify, communicate, and elevate the value of IT

What is IT Worth in Your Business?

IT infrastructure must be managed both technically and from a business point of view. IT is an ever-more critical part of overall corporate performance management. Auconet BICS for Business lets you measure, communicate, and increase the contribution of IT.

Business Value Dashboards

No more guesswork. See and understand the picture, and communicate it with ease.

Unified Reporting

Analyze any slice of any infrastructure.

IT Resource Planning

Forecast the cost, value, contribution, and future value of each asset.

“Accurately forecast the cost of a major infrastructure upgrade, and relate it to the value it will bring.”

Show the Value of IT as a Strategic Asset

IT departments historically have been stymied in conveying their value to senior management, even with complex chargeback and cost allocation, and internal service providers billing to the best of their ability. Senior management, for its part, is challenged to evaluate the ROI and likely benefits and risks of strategic business options that require key IT initiatives to succeed.

Auconet BICS addresses both of these challenges, delivering a comprehensive platform to monitor, analyze, and report on the business value of IT assets and processes.

Business Value Dashboards

Auconet Business Value Dashboards (BVDs) deliver standard or company-customized metrics to showcase the value of IT to your company’s bottom line. Show how investment in IT directly affects revenue, expense and profits. Use BICS’ data to create BVDs that translate your diverse, complex IT infrastructure into strategic insight.

Unified Reporting

Auconet BICS provides unified reporting for insight into every slice of your infrastructure. BICS delivers real-time data on 100% of your network devices and endpoints, making its reports significantly more accurate, complete and valuable for business decision making.


BICS delivers accurate detail on assets for compliance and audit needs. Every change to the network is recorded for audit reporting. Use out-of-the-box standard reports, or easily create custom reports to fulfill compliance and audit mandates.

Cost Allocation

Accurate cost allocation is a required element of internal accounting at many enterprises. Auconet BICS collects data on device, port, endpoint, and/or bandwidth usage, which can be mapped to departments and subsidiaries for correct internal chargeback. Important to most IT departments, cost allocation is critical for IT service providers which utilize the data for customer billing.

Lifecycle Management

BICS provides accurate information about the makeup of your global network. Information on device setup, equipment age, versions of OS’ and applications is readily available. Additional device data, such as manuals and service level agreements (SLA), invoices, and warranties can be easily attached to a device record.

IT Resource Planning

Auconet BICS IT Resource Planning gives you a dossier on every device, and the information to forecast and compare IT strategies. Quickly determine the effort of initiatives such implementing 802.1X on 500,000 diverse types of endpoints, or replacing Windows XP on hundreds or thousands of ATMs. With the BICS platform, you will have the single, authoritative, rich-data foundation you need. A full view of the age, install date, location history, and configuration of each device makes this analysis possible.

Know the Value of Each Asset at Each Moment

  • Business Value Dashboards: Correlate infrastructure data with financial data to see impact of IT on the bottom line
  • Unified Reporting: Consolidate and present all infrastructure-related data in standard or custom reports
  • Compliance: Accurate detail on all network assets to support a wide variety of compliance and audit mandates
  • Cost Allocation: Charge back correctly to all cost centers, drawing on 100% asset and data usage.
  • Lifecycle Management: See the lifetime of each device in the network from installation to retirement.
  • IT Resource Planning: Get the big picture for future strategic investments
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