Auconet BICS for Data Centers

Improve Visibility, Maximize Reliability, Cut Energy Use & Reduce TCO

Simplicity: A New Way to Manage Your Data Centers

Auconet BICS for Data Centers enables central and simplified operation of both internal and multi-tenant data centers, using the same BICS capabilities that are proven on the largest enterprise IT infrastructures. BICS provides operators with 100% discovery and visibility, task automation, heightened security, and a common set of instructions for all devices, combining to substantially reduce TCO. In addition, BICS enables virtually unlimited scalability and freedom of choice with hardware-vendor independence.

Capacity & Energy Management

Monitor and control network/data center assets and sensors in real time

No Vendor-Specific Training Needed

Normalize operators’ methods of control of all makes and models of racks and switches

Automate Provisioning, Configuration, & Updates

Set up physical and virtual server systems – fast and error free

“Auconet allows us to handle server configuration, speed problem resolutions, and cut energy costs with fewer operators – using automated procedures from one simple interface.”

Full Visibility for Simplified Operation & Granular Control

Starting with discovery and 100% visibility of all devices in your data center, BICS aggregates and consolidates detailed information on these elements, giving your operators complete control of all resources to dramatically reduce TCO.

Auconet BICS for Data Centers leverages all BICS infrastructure management and control capabilities, proven in Global 1000 enterprises, and applies them to data centers. Key among them: automation that is easy to set up and administer, requiring far fewer IT hands on deck.

Rapidly implemented in any internal, service provider multi-tenant, or cloud data center, BICS delivers an easily navigable view of all servers and other devices, and accurately shows the interrelation of physical and virtual infrastructures in the data center.

Operators require no vendor-specific skills, yet can use BICS to easily configure physical and virtual servers, diagnose and correct anomalies, and optimize capacity utilization.

Data Center Automation

BICS dramatically reduces the cost and risk of operating large, complex data centers by providing automated workflows – such as configuration / provisioning of servers–and executing policies automatically, based on predefined events or time triggers. BICS takes the human intervention, time drain, and error risk out of many frequently performed operational tasks. Operators without vendor-specific training initiate simple commands from an intuitive, central BICS interface. Command differences between physical devices don’t matter, as BICS automatically translates to them all.

Virtual CMDB

Auconet BICS’ real-time, virtual CMDB provides a dynamic repository that always stays in sync with rapidly changing data center infrastructures. Other CMDBs are typically static, and therefore consistently out of date seconds after each batch or manual update. The BICS vCMDB adds significant value to every existing ITOM and security solution, delivering detailed real-time data on all network devices and assets.

Energy Management

BICS’ inherent capabilities to monitor and control every device in the data enter including environmental sensors for temperature and humidity–enable both strategic and granular optimization of energy consumption, in real time. The result: facility managers can quickly and significantly reduce one of the largest cost factors in operating a data center.

Capacity Management

BICS delivers ongoing, real-time and precise data on data center capacity: physical data, logical data, performance data, and asset utilization. The data is consolidated and correlated in the BICS vCMDB, providing a complete, accurate basis for optimizing data center capacity to reduce TCO.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring, based on 100% visibility of all devices, which BICS is uniquely capable of delivering in real time, is essential to effective and efficient data center operations. BICS tracks data traffic, throughput, bandwidth, and network-resource utilization to detect bottlenecks and track overall data center performance. Without extensive training, a BICS operator can centrally monitor and manage the largest data centers–even those with thousands of devices and multi-tenant deployments.

Network Access Control

BICS excels at providing access control at both the physical and logical device levels. Unique among NAC platforms, it is fully multi-tenant capable, making it the perfect complement to existing security measures at data centers operated by external service providers. In addition, it provides security over endpoints across the company, protecting the data center by protecting the overall network.

Rack / Device View & Control

Auconet BICS takes operator productivity to a new level with its navigable visualization of the infrastructure, complete with alarms, events, and other status indicators. An operator–without vendor-specific device knowledge–can, from the central monitor, quickly pursue an incident down to its root cause. With a view directly into any physical rack, any physical or virtual server, even to the specific cards in switches–the operator can immediately direct a technician to the correct location, unit, and slot to resolve the incident.

Server Management

Auconet BICS Server Management presents a unified view of the information on all your servers, in even the largest and most complex data centers. BICS’ command abstraction approach normalizes the control of different systems and devices, enabling operators, rather than highly-skilled system administrators, to handle most server-management tasks. BICS also automates system- and configuration-management processes, including patch updates of Linux, Windows and Unix servers, throughout their entire lifecycle. On-demand installation and setup are simple and rapid with pre-configured templates that can be replicated at will.

Improve Data Center Operations with 100% Discovery, Real-Time Rich Data on All Devices, and Single-Console Control

  • A single-pane-of-glass platform to monitor and control data center assets, including racks, servers and switches
  • Full, real-time visibility of the entire data center infrastructure
  • Accurate, complete interrelation of the data center’s physical and virtual infrastructures
  • Identify, track, and manage energy consumption, performance anomalies, and unit performance and utilization
  • Scalable and fully ready for multi-tenant deployment
  • Boost operator productivity, and ease hiring challenges
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