Auconet BICS for Infrastructure

The Next-Generation ITOM – Master Your Entire Infrastructure

Simplify & Improve Management of IT and Industrial Operations

IT infrastructure is not only complex; it is increasingly diverse, and always changing. Industry reports show 10% to 20% of network endpoints commonly go undetected by IT. This is an unacceptable risk for any enterprise for both security and operational integrity. New devices and competing hardware vendors use different command sets for monitoring and managing their devices – adding complexity for system administrators and the operation of the network. Auconet BICS brings a new, streamlined approach for IT to master these challenges and simplify IT operations.

See & Control Every IT Asset

Connect everything to the network, wired or wireless, with rich detail on every device

Break Vendor Lock-In

Be free to use products from any vendor, without fear of clever lock-in strategies

Extreme Scalability

Extend to a million ports or more, and be ready for the Internet of Everything

“Auconet enables us to elegantly control our entire infrastructure from a single console.”

Unify Your Physical, Logical, & Virtual Infrastructure

Auconet BICS is a comprehensive foundation for controlling today’s ITOM environments. Built on the latest technology, and leveraging decades of experience, it manages vast enterprise networks – every device and endpoint, wired or wireless, from one central console, correlated and consolidated in one persistent database (CMDB). BICS integrates other ITOM solutions and strengthens them with perfect network and endpoint discovery. Finally, it acts as a bridge between legacy infrastructure and the Internet of Everything.

Most businesses are best served by retaining choice over the hardware they acquire and install. As networks increasingly open up to more endpoints, including industrial and personal devices, the challenges multiply. Auconet BICS’ strong ITOM capabilities allow a company to retain its existing legacy infrastructure while experimenting with new endpoints. With BICS, companies have complete information for lifecycle management to meet TCO objectives.

Endpoint Profiling

If your endpoint speaks Sanskrit, Auconet speaks Sanskrit to it. The tremendous diversity of devices in play as endpoints makes a Herculean task out of communicating in each device’s native command set. Auconet BICS solves this translation challenge, so your operators need to speak just one common language for managing and controlling all devices – dramatically improving productivity and reducing the skills requirements in your IT center. In addition, BICS provides rich, valuable data for virtually every make, model, type, and version of endpoint, including those that some competitors cannot even detect.

Asset Management

BICS Asset Management enables global enterprises to systematically deploy, operate, maintain, upgrade, and retire assets cost effectively. With the integrated BICS approach, the central CMDB continuously consolidates, correlates and maintains data on the complete life cycle of every network asset. Scaling to millions of assets, BICS Asset Management delivers unmatched quality and “Aktualität” (up-to-dateness) of information, far surpassing other vendors’ approaches.

Configuration Management

BICS Configuration Management enables mass scale, high-speed provisioning and configuration of heterogeneous systems from a simplified, central interface. BICS eliminates the need for vendor-specific operator training, and enables the automation of numerous time-consuming tasks: installation of firmware, operating systems and updates, software deployment and device configuration. It also provides auditable data for ensuring compliance.

Network Management

Reduce the complexity of managing the largest enterprise networks with Auconet BICS. Auconet ensures vendor independence, providing granular control of routers, switches, and non-traditional endpoints such as ATMs, surveillance cameras, IP phones, or PLCs and other SCADA machinery – all from a single console. With BICS, network operators use a common set of commands to manage all devices in the same way – simplifying work for IT operators and reducing the number of ITOM tools they require. BICS also leverages these network management capabilities by making them available to service desk operators. It gives them new, more direct pathways from root-cause identification to problem resolution, by means of a highly intuitive, visual interface with Google Maps-like ease of navigation for exploration of all network devices.

Network Automation

Trusted by large enterprises on their business-critical networks, Auconet BICS Network Automation dramatically reduces the cost and risk of operating diverse infrastructures. It executes policies automatically – based on predefined events or time triggers. BICS takes the human intervention, time-and-error risk out of the enormous aggregate volume and variety of daily operational tasks. Operators can easily define policies to automate these tasks, set schedules, and execute complex procedures across all devices, systems, and endpoints.

Network Availability

Auconet BICS is the most powerful and comprehensive platform for identifying and resolving issues before they impact any business process. BICS displays the overall health of the network at a glance, on a single screen, with the ability to drill down to, and literally into, any device. It allows monitoring, management and control of network availability, based on detailed, real-time data about the entire infrastructure.

Virtual CMDB

Prior to Auconet BICS, CMDBs were typically static and therefore consistently out of date seconds after each batch or manual update. Auconet BICS’ real-time CMDB provides a dynamic repository that always stays in sync with rapidly changing enterprise infrastructures. The BICS CMDB adds significant value to every ITOM and security solution, delivering detailed real-time data on all network devices and assets.

Performance Monitoring

Discover and resolve bottlenecks faster. See current and past utilization of your resources – e.g. network traffic, disk capacity, memory usage, and data-transfer rates. Improve capacity management with detailed data on response time and availability for every router, switch, system, and endpoint on the network, to optimize resource usage. One BICS operator can monitor the largest networks–even multi-tenant networks–tracking performance and conducting direct intervention and management via defined policies.

Traffic Analysis & Management

Keep data moving as you find and resolve roadblocks on the main routes, or in granular detail. Examine any portion of the network, based on Auconet directly measuring traffic across each router and switch, without the overhead of touching or modifying data packets. Network operators can quickly view traffic patterns by a range of criteria, restrict bandwidth as needed, and define policies such as permissible usage, with automated enforcement to control bandwidth hogs.

Industrial Infrastructure Control

Auconet BICS brings the power of a comprehensive IT infrastructure control platform into your industrial environment. BICS automatically detects all SCADA-linked devices, from PLCs to assembly-line machines, and builds a single-pane-of-glass view of your industrial infrastructure. BICS persistently collects and correlates rich data on devices and instruments. Raise the productivity of your organization via simple, centralized control of your industrial network and automation of many previously manual tasks.

Internet of Everything

Span legacy and future infrastructure with the BICS platform that discovers, authorizes, and controls both traditional and non-traditional endpoints. The Internet of Everything is already here for many, and BICS helps your enterprise engage effectively with a rapidly growing range of endpoints that may include widely dispersed sensors, actuators, robots, vehicles, smart devices, and HVAC units. If it connects to your network, wired or wireless, BICS can control it. BICS is the bridge from today’s IT to the Internet of Everything, and to its business potential.

Discover, Visualize, Monitor and Add Value to the Most Complex Global Networks

  • View and manage 100% of your IT infrastructure
  • Single-screen management and control of diverse IT infrastructure
  • Ultimate scalability – control hundreds of thousands of endpoints
  • Complete vendor independence and the ability to communicate with any device, including all endpoints
  • Streamlined configuration and management of systems and applications
  • Flexible Deployment – on-premises, virtual, cloud, fully multi-tenant ready
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