Auconet BICS for Security

Secure Massive, Heterogeneous IT & SCADA Infrastructures

Discover & Protect All Devices, Ports & Endpoints – 100,000+

Industry experts and surveys show that 10-20% of endpoints on enterprise networks are unknown and unmanaged. This is an unfathomable security risk – one that global businesses rely on Auconet to solve immediately. Auconet BICS for Security literally plugs in, then, within hours, delivers both physical and logical protection for every device and port on your IT and SCADA networks. The key is rapid, real-time, persistent discovery, and secure access control for 100% of endpoints in massive networks. As the only security platform that recognizes and enforces both MAC Layer-2-based authentication and IEEE 802.1X, in combination or separately, BICS is the most powerful complement to existing SIEM (security information and event management), firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions – especially on heterogeneous networks. BICS has been recognized by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control (NAC), consecutively, from 2011 through 2014.

See & Protect Every IT Asset

Recognize and secure 100% – every port and asset connected to the network – both wired and wireless.

Strongest NAC Security

Prevent unauthorized access. Apply MAC-based and 802.1X together or separately for all ports and endpoints.

Guest Access & VLANs

Simplify creation of guest accounts, grant or deny access according to your defined policies, and track network activity of consultants, contractors, and partners.

“Only Auconet was able to immediately recognize and protect all 240,000 endpoints.”

Secure Every Port, with Automated Access Control, Instantly.

Auconet BICS is a comprehensive foundation for protection of today’s IT and SCADA networks – and yet it can typically be installed and operational within hours, not weeks. To ensure you maintain edge-to-edge security, BICS provides granular control of your entire infrastructure from a central, graphical-user interface (GUI). With BICS, all ports are automatically secured, and access is instantly controlled for each endpoint, based on your internal policies.

BICS can be implemented in half a day, in most cases, and it has been proven to be effective at protecting heterogeneous-enterprise networks with hundreds of thousands of ports and endpoints – every device and endpoint, wired or wireless, and every make and model.

Auconet is trusted by industry leaders including BASF, Siemens, and Deutsche Bahn, for its comprehensive, real-time security capabilities, based on BICS’ ability to discover and monitor 100% of the most complex IT infrastructures.

Network Access Control (NAC)

BICS enables your organization to go beyond traditional NAC to robust infrastructure control. Unlike most NAC vendors, BICS can combine MAC-based authentication and 802.1X, for the most secure endpoint protection possible, for each type of device. BICS provides capabilities to authorize users, devices, and ports, separately, or in any combination, or blocks any of them, according to policies you predefine, providing a higher degree of security.

Logical & Physical Security

BICS has the unique capability to apply real-time MAC-based authentication and IEEE-802.1X capabilities – you can leverage either or both in seamless combination. Its multilayer approach to network security is equally effective safeguarding both IT and industrial networks, at the device and user levels.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) & BYOD

Auconet delivers a versatile framework for Mobile Device Management (MDM) & BYOD to address the mobile age, while keeping the enterprise safe. BICS automatically detects attempts at unauthorized access, protecting sensitive data with an app-based VPN tunnel. A central administrator console enables straightforward control over devices on every mobile platform, including the ability to block or wipe data from each device.

Guest Access

Nearly every enterprise today confronts BYOD scenarios from their employees, many also need to manage network access for growing numbers of consultants, contractors, and partners who need guest access. Auconet BICS combines industry-leading NAC with comprehensive VLAN assignment, based on security policies you define, to simplify and streamline the provisioning, authorization, and tracking of guests. With captive portals and walled gardens, guests are separated from the heart of the network for additional security.

Secure the Internet of Everything

BICS is the bridge from today’s IT to the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything, and its uncharted business potential. With BICS, your company can engage safely, but profitably, with the IoT / IoE and their full range of non-traditional endpoints, such as widely dispersed – and thus hard to protect physically – for example, dispersed sensors, actuators, robots, smart devices and HVAC units. BICS discovers, recognizes, authorizes access for, and – where appropriate – controls both legacy and future infrastructure. If it connects to, or feeds into your network, wired or wireless, BICS can control its network access, or the device itself.

Multi-Tenant NAC

BICS monitors and protects one or many networks from a single console. The largest multi-tenant BICS implementations secure access to hundreds of separate networks at once, in a highly scalable, cost-efficient architecture. Each subscribing tenant – for example, a banking company with dozens of branches – can see, manage, and protect its own network devices and endpoints from a control console. The central operator can see and protect all the tenant networks.

ATM / Kiosk Management

BICS safeguards ATMs and enables your team to monitor, manage and protect ATMs, kiosks and self-service devices from one central console, in real time. BICS ATM / Kiosk Management ensures trouble-free operation, and blocks potential hazards and intruders. Auconet BICS also automates numerous self-healing functions to lower TCO and ensure availability. In addition, it deploys software-application updates and patches on hundreds or thousands of ATMs, regardless of vendor, model, and configuration.

POS / Retail Management

BICS delivers specialized solutions to safeguard cash-handling systems, including point-of-sale (POS) devices, such as cash registers and do-it-yourself ticket kiosks. With Auconet BICS POS (Point of Sale) and Retail System Management, retailers can ensure the availability and security of tens of thousands of cashier systems and other POS devices. With BICS, you can monitor and control POS hardware, and update software applications on all cash systems and mobile devices. Efficiently download inventory and pricing data, regardless of vendor, model, and configuration.

The Powerful Foundation for Security in Complex Global Networks

  • A comprehensive platform for secure NAC that provides rich data on each device and endpoint, to the CMDB and complementary security tools
  • Full, real-time visibility and protection of the entire IT infrastructure – implements in less than a day, in many cases
  • One-console management and granular control of security for global networks
  • The ultimate complementary security solution – integrates easily with IDS, SIEM, firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware solutions
  • Scalable and fully ready for multi-tenant and industrial networks
  • Specialized security applications for POS, ATM, and kiosk systems
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