Auconet BICS for Services

Automation & Visibility to Support IT Services

BICS Simplicity: Automate Processes & Improve Productivity

Auconet BICS for Services radically simplifies IT service and support, combining centralized and automated infrastructure management with a superior graphical user interface, and normalized-command sets for heterogeneous devices, to substantially improve productivity and efficiency. BICS enables IT Service groups to provide a higher-quality level of support, at a lower TCO. BICS empowers service-desk operators with 100% visibility and control, and enables them to resolve critical (and noncritical) incidents, in a dramatically reduced timeframe, and ensures SLA fulfillment.

Services Management

Allow central control and efficient management of the infrastructure required to deliver IT services

Service Desk Automation

Automate and speed up resolution of trouble tickets, improving productivity and customer satisfaction

Process & Change Enhancement

Simplify and speed up the creation of new IT work processes and services

“Automation and simplicity improve our efficiency and productivity to lower TCO.”

Improve Existing Services. Offer New Services.

Auconet BICS for Services is the foundation that boosts IT Services from the concept of “attempting to increase uptime” to 100% availability, all the time. From “What’s down now?” to “Really, I can’t believe something isn’t working?” BICS dramatically improves IT Service performance, starting with 100% visibility to map your entire network in real time.

BICS lets you eliminate unpredicted downtime for full availability. BICS automation is easy to set up, and easy to administer, with full control of all assets from one screen, requiring far fewer IT hands on deck. BICS uses common commands to manage all devices in the same way, to lower TCO and simplify operator tasks. It improves Service Desk efficiency as well, with three steps from alert to resolution of most issues.

BICS makes it significantly faster and easier to offer new services to support business growth.

Service Management

Centralized control, normalized commands, and automation of day-to-day tasks across all device makes and models, are effective in reducing both cost of ownership and administrative work burden. 100% visibility of all hardware units potentially connected to delivery of an IT service make it simple and fast to anticipate issues.

Service Automation

Minimize service-desk workload via automation. Identify issues and root causes with detailed visibility of all hardware units potentially involved. Auconet BICS can automatically issue an alert when a printer in room 3501 is low on toner, notifying and sending the appropriate person to room 3501 to replace the cartridge.

Service Monitoring

Maintain the health of systems that are fundamental to running your business – your email, service desk, MDM, and other key processes your company depends on. For both essential current services and new services, quick-view dashboards show the administrator the real-time status and detailed history of hardware and assets required to deliver each service.

Service Desk Automation

Cut operator skill requirements, yet resolve issues more rapidly, based on complete and detailed information on underlying IT infrastructure. BICS combines information out of different sources (BICS internal data and third-party systems) to enable more informed, faster, and more streamlined incident resolution. BICS provides manual or automated self-healing procedures to directly and quickly resolve incidents, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Strengthen Services with One Consistent Framework for All Hardware and Software Infrastructure Management

  • A comprehensive platform for controlling and leveraging hardware and software assets to improve efficiency and quality of IT services
  • Full, real-time visibility of the entire IT infrastructure – implements in less than a day in many cases
  • Single-console management and granular control of IT assets on global networks
  • A strong complement to existing IT services; a unified platform for new services
  • Scalable and fully ready for multi-tenant and industrial networks
  • Enable reduced headcount and more widely available skill levels for operational staff, freeing senior administrators to lead innovation
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