Auconet BICS for Systems

Efficiency through Automation

Automated Software Deployment & Configuration

Auconet BICS for Systems provides comprehensive control of heterogeneous environments, including servers, desktops, ATMs/kiosks, POS/retail systems, and mobile devices. Discover, monitor, manage and control all system components from one central screen. BICS dramatically reduces workload with a reliable process for software management, proven at the world’s largest enterprises.

Manage Massive Server Environments

Automate previously manual tasks across tens to hundreds of thousands of servers and endpoints

Deploy Pre-Defined System Configurations

Quickly deploy new hardware and configurations, automatically managing complex dependencies

Control All from a Single Screen

Centrally-controlled software distribution, installation, and configuration

“With BICS, software deployment for our thousands of servers is fully automated. Hit the button and it’s done.”

VP of Infrastructure at Global 1000

Trusted By the Most Demanding Global Enterprises

The most rigorous IT departments at global-financial institutions, transportation and logistics firms, multi-national retailers, and other industry leaders trust BICS to control thousands of multi-vendor servers and endpoints, ensuring system availability for mission-critical software applications.

By providing a wide range of automated operations, Auconet BICS significantly lowers the cost of, and the time needed to distribute, install, inventory, update and patch, and uninstall software. The aggregate workload of IT departments for day-to-day operations is substantially reduced by using BICS.

Software Management

Auconet BICS Software Management automates deployment and configuration across massive, diverse, business-critical environments. The solution is architected and built for scalability, easily managing thousands of systems in heterogeneous networks, for otherwise, tedious and painstaking tasks, including 100% reliable software distribution, installation, and configuration, as well as patch management.

Server Management

Auconet BICS Server Management presents a unified view of the information on all your servers, in even the largest and most complex installations. BICS’ command-abstraction approach normalizes the control of different systems and devices, enabling operators, rather than highly-skilled system administrators, to handle most server-management tasks. BICS also automates system- and configuration-management processes, including patch updates of Linux, Windows and Unix servers, throughout their entire lifecycle. On-demand installation and setup are simple and rapid with pre-configured templates that can be replicated at will.

POS / Retail Management

With Auconet BICS POS (Point of Sale) and Retail System Management, retailers can ensure the availability and security of tens of thousands of cashier systems and other POS devices. With BICS, you can monitor and control POS hardware, and update software applications on all cash systems and mobile devices. Efficiently download inventory and pricing data, regardless of vendor, model, and configuration.

ATM / Kiosk Management

Enable your team to monitor, manage and protect ATMs, kiosks and self-service devices from one central console, in real time. BICS ATM/Kiosk Management ensures trouble-free operation, and blocks potential hazards and intruders. Auconet BICS also automates numerous self-healing functions to lower TCO and ensure availability. In addition, it deploys software-application updates and patches on hundreds or thousands of ATMs, regardless of vendor, model, and configuration.

Automate Operations: Deploy Software & Applications from One Console Across Thousands of PCs, Servers, ATMs, & POS Systems

  • Automates deployment and configuration across massive, diverse, business-critical environments
  • Efficiently manage software on thousands of varied desktops or servers with just a few simple operator commands
  • Provision, update, and manage thousands of servers, devices and endpoints with pre-configured packages
  • Automatically detect and manage unit-by-unit readiness for software upgrades of more than 100,000 endpoints (e.g. Windows 8 upgradability)
  • Comprehensive, vendor-independent ATM/kiosk management for secure-cash handling
  • Manage a variety of POS systems via automation. Update inventory/price data on 1 to 100,000 POS systems in minutes
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